„Oh what a cute mixed breed!“

As a Toller owner, you will hear this exclamation countless times. Because the Toller is still a very rare breed in Germany, but he charms with his handy size, his soft, beautiful coat and the usually very sweet face. That behind the „cute“ exterior, however, hides a demanding retriever, many puppy buyers initially fail to realize.

Tollers can look very different due to the still young breed history. There are both rather short-legged, heavier specimens and significantly taller-legged, thinner representatives. Each breeder sets a different emphasis: some prefer, for example, rather strong dogs, others lighter built.

Powerful and harmonious appearance

Basically, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a medium-sized, powerful, compact, harmonious and well-muscled dog. Males over 18 months of age should ideally be 48 to 51 cm tall, females 45 to 48 cm. Adult males are usually about 20 to 23 kg, bitches about 17 to 20 kg. Deviations up or down are quite possible in both weight and size.

The coat is soft, dense, medium length and includes all shades from orange to red. Often the Toller has white markings on the head, chest, paws and tip of the tail. However, the absence of these markings also occurs and must not be judged adversely at dog shows. The pigmentation of the nose is either flesh colored, black or tone in tone with the coat color.

More information about the Toller and a detailed breed standard can be found on the site of the German Retriever Club:

German Retriever Club – Breed Standard

Litter Planning

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