Red Raisins Kennel

Since March 2009, the name Red Raisins is registered internationally for our kennel at FCI. Our kennel name refers to the saying „picking the best raisins“ as this exactly describes breeding: picking out the best dogs to breed continuously healthy pups with a stable character. For us, this analogism in addition to the red brown color of raisins fit perfectly to a toller kennel.

It is not our ambition to raise as many pups as possible – in fact just the reverse. About every two to three years a litter will be born in our kennel in a carefully planned way, but only if a sufficient demand of appropriate pup buyer can be satisfied.

Our puppies will grow up in our house and be accustomed to children. We will socialize them considerably: they will get to know a wide range of everyday experiences such as road traffic, driving cars, forest walks and many more. We intend to build the basis for an open-minded and friendly toller who is an agreeable partner for his owners in every situation.

Naturally healthy

We lay high emphasis on the natural health for our dogs. Therefore we aim for reducing vaccinations to the absolute necessary minimum and do not administer anthelmintic therapies on a prophylactical basis, but only if an infestation is proved (which never has been the case so far). However, if medical treatment is necessary, our animals are medicated homoeopathically. Following the DRC (German Retriever Club) rules, our pups are chipped, dewormed and vaccinated before we hand them over to their new owners.

But the most important measure for a sound immune system and a healthy dog is an optimal nutrition. Therefore we decided to feed our dogs with species-appropiate raw food consisting of raw meat, bones, vegetables and fruits. Of course our pups will grow up with this food as well and we prefer pup buyers who would like to continue this kind of feeding.

Litter Planning

Due to family reasons we unfortunately have to postpone our litter planned for spring 2023 to 2024. We are currently NOT accepting ANY REQUESTS for this litter anymore!

Litter Planning