Hunting Test

  Date Result
Bringing Performance Test (BLP) 26.10.2019 267 Points, excellent, search victory
Tolling Test Bronze (DRC) 30.09.2018 33/40 Points, Rating „very good“
JP/R 12.11.2017 268 Points, best dog in test
JEP 30.09.2017 passed with living duck

Dummy Test/Working Test

  Date Result Rating Class
Rattenfänger-Cup 21.07.2019 77/120 good, „Helpers Choice“ Beginner
Nord-Cup 17.03.2019 failed   Beginner
APD/R 27.10.2018 67 very good Beginner
HTT Training Working Test 20.10.2018 - 1st place Beginner

Report Character Test


  • Temperament: The 28-month-old toller bitch was very agile throughout the entire test. She reacted very temperamentally. The playing behaviour is very pronounced.
  • Endurance, fearlessness: She is persevering in pursuing a goal.
  • Loot-behavior, carrying out: Extremely strongly, her loot-behavior is pronounced. She carries and carries to.
  • Bond: The connection is good, as well as her subordination-willingness.
  • Safety towards humans: She is safe and friendly when dealing with strangers. She is safe in the side position and the alleyway.
  • Shot: She is bulletproof.
  • Protection against optical and acoustic stimuli: Optically and acoustically safe and curious.

14.10.2018 in Winsen (Aller)
Judge: Klaus Karrenberg

Short name Jamie
Gender female
Height 49 cm
Weight 15 kg
Conformation very good Tooltip
Tests WT, JP/R, APD/A, JEP with living duck, Tolling Test (DRC), BLP, Working Tests (A)
Owner Red Raisins-Kennel, Sandra Bode & Sebastian Hofmann
Breeding admission DRC without restriction, suitable for hunting performance breeding
Hips A1/A1
Elbows 0/0
PRA Tooltip A
CEA Tooltip clear
JADD Tooltip clear
DM Tooltip clear
DEN Tooltip clear
CLPS Tooltip clear
CP1 Tooltip clear
DIL Tooltip d/D
Eyes checkup ok 05/2022