Ayita is the first toller who moved into our house and is the wonderful foundation bitch of our Red Raisins kennel. Our „Yiti“ stands out due to her pleasant and uncomplicated character: always cheerful and playful, friendly towards all persons and dogs, very focused at work, quiet and with a lot of „will to please“ and team spirit.

Together with her, I familiarized step by step with dummy work – at first alone due to a lack of training opportunities, later in private or professional training groups. Already at the age of 15 months, we reached 70 points and passed the „Dummy A test“ with a grade „A“ and took part at our first working test at 18 months.

Since then several further tests followed – apart from very little exemptions passed with a good or very good result. For me, it is always the joy of working with the dog as well as the joint development which stands in the first place – also a test not passed can be a step forward for the own human-dog-team.

Benchmark for our breeding

In addition to dummy work, Ayita loves the clicker trainings with me and is very quick in learning new tricks, which is typical of tollers. At home, she is a pleasant and calm bitch – she neither tends to barking nor to „needle“. She gave birth to her puppies and grew them confidently and independently. The best moment for her is when the puppies begin to play with about three weeks – then, Ayita mutates into a „senior puppy“ who cannot stop to play with them. The greatest present we could offer Ayita was to keep one of the girls of her second litter. Finally a toy of her own! Since then, mother and daughter frolic through kitchen, living room and garden every day.

Ayita is – and will probably always be – the benchmark for our breeding. I thank her breeder, Sinaida Sens, with all my heart for entrusting this very special toller to us!

On January 03, 2024, the time had sadly come: at almost 17 years old, we had to let our Yiti go. Dear Yiti - you were so fit until the end, but suddenly your strength left you and you clearly showed us that your time had come. You leave behind a huge gap – but also great offspring and many wonderful memories. We miss you very much!

Short name Ayita
Title Dt. Ch (VDH), German Veterans-Champion (VDH)
Born 13.04.2007
Gender female
Height 47 cm
Weight 15 kg
Conformation excellent Tooltip
Tests BHP/B, APD/A, div. WT (A)
Show Clubwinner 2015, Veteran-BIS DRC-Clubschau 2015
Breeder Sinaida Sens, Bockenem
Breeding admission Mating partner PRA A in DRC
Hips A1/A2
Elbows 0/0
PL 0/0
PRA Tooltip carrier
CEA Tooltip clear
JADD Tooltip clear
DM Tooltip clear
Eyes checkup ok 12/2015
Blood test Tooltip ok 12/2015
Other diseases clear