Tolling Test

  Date Rating Class
Tollarspecialen 02.08.2014 n.b. A
BTC (Tolling Jachtproef) 30.06.2014 3rd prize TJP F
BTC (Tolling Jachtproef) 23.03.2014 NC (delivery difficulties) F
BTC (Clubmatch) 06.10.2013 1st prize (best dog) A

Dummy Test

  Date Rating Class
TWT Hoch zu Ross 20.09.2014 4th place F
TWT HTT 20.10.2013 3rd place F
TWT Hoch zu Ross 29.09.2013 n.b. (filling in) A
TWT Waterkant 17.04.2012 n.b. (starting sound) A
TWT Renzow 19.10.2011 1st place A

Hunting Test

  Date Result/Rating
VPS 14.10.2013 2nd prize with living duck
JEP 29.09.2013 passed with living duck (best dog)
JP/R 10.03.2012 256


  Date Result/Rating
BHP A/B (DRC) 02.06.2012 78 (best dog)
Short name Yára
Born 29.07.2010
Gender Hündin
Height 46 cm
Weight 15,5 kg
Conformation very good
Tests JP/R, BHP A/B, JEP, VPS with living duck
Owner Sebastian Hofmann
Breeder Kerstin & Andy Rasper
Breeding admission For hunting performance breeding
Hips A2/A2
Elbows 0/0
PRA Tooltip clear
CEA Tooltip carrier
JADD Tooltip not tested
DM Tooltip carrier
DEN Tooltip not tested
DIL Tooltip clear
Eyes checkup ok 12/2012