Breedings Goals

For us, our first bitch „Ayita“ represents the Red Raisins breeding goal to 100%: healthy, with a stable character, meeting the optical standard, open-minded to humans, playful and eager to work. She lives up to her kennel's name „Dewberry's Dual“ as she is a perfect dual purpose retriever, working enthusiastically and presenting successfully in the showring at the same time. With a lot of will to please she meets every new challenge at dummy training, being constantly steady and quiet. We're happy that Ayitas offspring inherited all these good characteristics so far!

Careful selection

Of course we also lay great emphasis on the qualities of the stud dog which should be a harmonically composed dog with a stable character and eager to work. A possible sire for our pairings will be carefully selected. The personal meeting to get to know the rude in advance is a natural part of our activities, even when he lives abroad.

We check all stud dogs which could be fitting to our bitches very thoroughly, especially regarding their health, as the most important thing for us is the long and healthy life of our puppies. But regrettably, we cannot give any guaranty for a healthy dog. Hereditary transmission mixes up the characteristics every single time, therefore we can only try to minimize the risk of diseases, but can never exclude them.

Litter Planning

No litter is planned in our kennel for an indefinite period of time. We are therefore not accepting any puppy inquiries.

Litter Planning