Red Raisins Chutney Jam

Jamie is currently our only active breeding bitch, we kept her from our C-Litter in 2016 and she is the daughter of our clown Rumer. She is an enchanting dog that is delightfully laid-back and adaptable. Jamie is extremely people-oriented. She enjoys cuddles for hours and likes being in close contact with her fellow human beings. She loves all members of her pack – from children to cats and of course our other Tollers as well. However she is a distinctive „mama-dog“ and likes to double-check on her master’s commands and if she really should follow them. When for her mom she’d walk through fire without batting an eye. Her and I have built up an extremely strong bond. She is a very special dog and we’re very thankful to have her. Always lighthearted, effusive even to strangers, in a playful mood from morning to night and a real sunshine – that is Jamie.

Woking with her is a lot of fun, too. She has a distinctive steadiness which is almost typical for the Raisins and her working style is outstanding. She is always highly motivated and focused and easy-going even in stressful test situations. You can tell by the tip of her tail that it’s irresistibly fun to work with her. The judges gave Jamie a chorus of praise for her hunting predisposition and her obedience. Consequently she gained 268 points as best dog of day in the junior trials and even defeated three Labbis and one Flat. It made us very proud. Jamie already passed her test in usefulness in hunting ground game (except for roe deer) with living duck by the age of 15 months. She proved that a young dog can be totally instinctively, talented and of course reliable above all things. Jamie was also able to pass the BLP 2019 as search winner with 267 points against Labbis and Flats - so she is suitable for hunting performance breeding, which makes us especially happy.

Report Character Test


  • Temperament: The 28-month-old toller bitch was very agile throughout the entire test. She reacted very temperamentally. The playing behaviour is very pronounced.
  • Endurance, fearlessness: She is persevering in pursuing a goal.
  • Loot-behavior, carrying out: Extremely strongly, her loot-behavior is pronounced. She carries and carries to.
  • Bond: The connection is good, as well as her subordination-willingness.
  • Safety towards humans: She is safe and friendly when dealing with strangers. She is safe in the side position and the alleyway.
  • Shot: She is bulletproof.
  • Protection against optical and acoustic stimuli: Optically and acoustically safe and curious.

14.10.2018 in Winsen (Aller)
Judge: Klaus Karrenberg

Short name Jamie
Gender female
Height 49 cm
Weight 15 kg
Conformation very good Tooltip
Tests WT, JP/R, APD/A, JEP with living duck, Tolling Test (DRC), BLP, Working Tests (A)
Owner Red Raisins-Kennel, Sandra Bode & Sebastian Hofmann
Breeding admission DRC without restriction, suitable for hunting performance breeding
Hips A1/A1
Elbows 0/0
PRA Tooltip A
CEA Tooltip clear
JADD Tooltip clear
DM Tooltip clear
DEN Tooltip clear
CLPS Tooltip clear
CP1 Tooltip clear
DIL Tooltip d/D
Eyes checkup ok 02/2024