Casarrondo Bele-Yára sell

Together with Seb, Yára has been supplementing the raisin family since spring 2015. She is an absolute „daddy dog“ and very much related to him. Yára is an excellent hunting dog and loves to accompany her master on hunts and loves to sleep on his lap while sitting in a hide. She is reserved towards strangers – unless they throw her a ball, then she is immediately engaged, because she is a tireless retriever dog.

„Better dead than second“

That is Yára's motto. She has an incredibly high hunting instinct and a breathtaking pace at work. She is absolutely no fun when another dog wants HER dummy and can become vehement. During her daily stroll, Yára likes to walk three times the distance we and our other tollers walk, because she is constantly running – far back and forth, to the left, to the right and then the whole thing again from the front. The word „slow“ does not exist for her. With her impressive style it's great fun to watch her at work.

Water Junkie

Yára's water pleasure is almost legendary. She jumps breakneckly into any water with a run-up and pike jump – and then turns around asking: „You wanted to throw something in, right? I thought I'd go ahead ... “. Ayita and Rumer sometimes stand on the shore with question marks: „Why does she do something like that?“ Well - Yára is Yára. A very special jack of all trades. A great dog who goes through fire for her master. And ok - she is a bit crazy too.

In 2013 Yára had a litter with 5 puppies under the kennel name „Silvicola“. According to the current state of affairs, we are not planning to have any more litters with her due to time reasons.

Short name Yára
Born 29.07.2010
Gender Hündin
Height 46 cm
Weight 15,5 kg
Conformation very good
Tests JP/R, BHP A/B, JEP, VPS with living duck
Owner Sebastian Hofmann
Breeder Kerstin & Andy Rasper
Breeding admission For hunting performance breeding
Hips A2/A2
Elbows 0/0
PRA Tooltip clear
CEA Tooltip carrier
JADD Tooltip not tested
DM Tooltip carrier
DEN Tooltip not tested
DIL Tooltip clear
Eyes checkup ok 12/2012