Am I Toller-ready?

If you want a Toller in your life, you should want more than just a family dog. Only walking, maybe a little dog school and a large garden are not enough to do proper service to this breed.

Having a Toller means bringing a very demanding, time-consuming and incredibly beautiful hobby into your home. You should enjoy training your Toller and keeping him busy throughout his life, preferably hunting or doing dummy work. Of course, there are also other ways to keep your Toller busy. The breed is incredibly versatile and successfully conquers the agility and obedience scene, and even some rescue dog teams would not want to do without the red speedsters..

Intelligence and great endurance

Ideally, you love to engage in positive training methods such as clicker training. Tollers are enthusiastic about learning new tricks. Dogdancing, for example, is a real joy with them. In addition to training, Tollers naturally need plenty of exercise and the opportunity to let off leash daily. A well exercised Toller is a calm and content companion at home.

You should consider before the acquisition of a Toller (or generally before the acquisition of a dog) but also that they hair in the change of coat increased and due to their smaller size often have dirt hanging in the fur – especially on the hind legs („pants“) and under the belly – which they then of course also carry into the house. So if you like it very clean, either do not get a dog or have to clean more often.

Litter Planning

No litter is planned in our kennel for an indefinite period of time. We are therefore not accepting any puppy inquiries.

Litter Planning