Breeder of the year

Three times in a row our kennel was awarded by the DRC as „Breeder of the Year (Show)“: 2016, 2017 and 2018! This is a great success for our small but fine toller kennel! With only a few litters the „small“ is to be understood quite literally, but all the more beautiful it is if one gets this title also with less but by default very correct breeding.

Our primary breeding goal – “Dual Purpose-Toller“ – we see confirmed. Because in our opinion the saying „form follows function“ should be decisive for every breeder especially of working dogs. A dog that meets the established standard will not only be successful at shows – it will also be able to perform the work for which it was bred physiologically better and more effortlessly. The latter is important for maintaining health for as long as possible.

And therefore we are of course happy and proud that our Red Raisins kennel was awarded this title and that our previous breeding considerations were crowned with success. This award was possible mainly due to the dedicated owners of Skeet (B-litter), Jif and Crunch (both C-litter).

Many thanks to Elke, Kathi and Malte. It makes us proud, when dogs of our breed are exhibited or are led on work tests and can convince by quality!

Litter Planning

Due to family reasons we unfortunately have to postpone our litter planned for spring 2023 to 2024. We are currently NOT accepting ANY REQUESTS for this litter anymore!

Litter Planning