About us

Tollers change and enhance everything – your daily routine, the way you spend your free time and sometimes even your entire life. By having these wonderful dogs we did not just get into dummy work, hunt and breeding. We even met each other through them and are very glad to share this hobby together. We live with kids, dogs, cats and chickens in Wohltorf, a suburb of Hamburg.

WE are:

Sari (actual Sandra), born 1976

My fascination for this breed started in 1999. However it took a longer time until my first very own Toller moved in and I waited until 2007. From 2002 to 2007 I successfully completed an apprenticeship as animal healer and graduated in veterinary homeopathy. On compassionate grounds I am not practicing in my own office anymore but regardless our own pets and litters benefit from my knowledge. My interest in species-appropriate nutrition for dogs and its health benefits originated from apprenticing as alternative healer. Thus I am a confident ‘barfer’ for years. After Raisin-LEADER Ayita moved in with us the Toller virus literally broke out and we made many new friends with like-minded people I don’t want to miss out. Since 2011 I am a hunting license holder.

Seb (actual Sebastian), also born 1976

I am born in Berlin and I live in Hamburg since 1999, in a suburb of Hamburg to be more specific. I was always more receptive to country life instead of city life. For 6 years I used to live in Appel, south of Hamburg, in a picturesque cabin in the woods. Dogs and chickens had to be in on it and when I was looking for the right breed I came across the Toller. Yára is my first female Toller. She moved in with us in 2010. Through Yára’s training and the dummy work with her my fascination for hunting began. So I made my license as well and schooled her subsequently. Ever since then she’s been always by my side for hunting ducks or pigeons and of course on the raised hide.

Our claim

Our claim is to breed healthy and distinctive tollers, suitable for daily use - that are particularly qualified for hunting ducks and working after gunshot as their actual purpose. Also they should of course excel in other parts of the working-dog’s field (dummy, agility, obedience, rescue dog).

Litter Planning

Due to family reasons we unfortunately have to postpone our litter planned for spring 2023 to 2024. We are currently NOT accepting ANY REQUESTS for this litter anymore!

Litter Planning