Dt. Ch (VDH) Red Raisins Bayard Rumer

Rumer is our second toller bitch, stemming from Ayita's B-litter. She is an extremely affectionate, cuddly, and funny dog. It is hard to resist her charms, and as she was like this since the beginning, we could not help picking her from the three Bayard girls.

As a young dog, Rumer was very lively and cocky – it took us a relatively long time to learn that there is an „off-button“ even for her and how to use it. In the meantime, she grew up to be (almost) just as her mother Yiti, a pleasant and calm dog in our house. Leftover is her strong wish to be just in the middle of everything („What are you doing there...?“) and (of course!) to help. Rumi's philosophy of life is and will always be: right in the middle instead of only nearby.

From a clown to a concentrated worker

Due to her very intensive life as a puppy and young dog, „serious“ things had very little place in Rumer's head for a long time. In contrast to Ayita – who was highly motivated and concentrated in dummy work immediately after her dentition change at the age of six months – Rumer was very playful and easily distractable in the beginning. Therefore, I gave her the time she needed to reach the necessary maturity. This is the reason why Rumer was already some 12 months old before I entered into a systematic dummy work – still with a sense of proportion. In retrospective, our patience definitely paid off and it still does. By now, Rumer is working highly concentrated, with a lot of fun and a special style, which is making proud and happy.

She definitely inherited her steadiness from Ayita – at work as well as while waiting. I am frequently working with both tollers at once, one of them lying waiting without leash and of course quietly while the other is retrieving. I dare say that this sometimes even is more difficult for Ayita than for her daughter.

A very extraordinary trait of Rumer is her passion for game. She loves the work with game and especially drag work is the ultimate for her. She follows the drag over every distance and cannot be disturbed by turns, changes of terrain or obstacles.

As a conlusion I dare say that I am very in love with Rumer – she has an amazing and humorous character, grew up to a beautiful bitch and is working highly motivated and steady. We still have a lot of plans together and I am looking forward to everything to come!

Short name Rumer
Title Dt. Ch (VDH), CJS 2013, Veteran winner Hoisdorf 2022
Gender female
Height 48,5 cm
Weight 16,5 kg
Conformation excellent Tooltip
Tests JP/R, APD/A, Swedish Welding Equipment Test, Club Welding Test SW I
Show Club-Junior-Champion 2013
Owner Red Raisins Kennel, Sandra Bode
Breeding admission Mating partner PRA A in DRC
Hips A2/A2
Elbows 0/0
PRA Tooltip B
CEA Tooltip clear
JADD Tooltip clear
DM Tooltip clear
DEN Tooltip clear
CLPS Tooltip clear
CP1 Tooltip clear
DIL Tooltip carrier
Eyes checkup ok 09/2018
Blood test Tooltip ok 09/2018